4 Cats From Sitara  

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《4 Cats From Sitara》 ON SALE NOW!(*´∀`)~♥

4 Cats From Sitara  

This stickers pack is the 16th works by 🌟Sitara~(≧∀≦)ゞ

There are 4 cute cats that you can messaging with your friends & family in the chat room in LINE app.(❀╹◡╹)

4 Cats From Sitara  


The first cat is called Yoland by 🌟Sitara in 2014.(๑ ^ ₃•๑) 

4 Cats From Sitara  


In order to improve my expertise, I try to create other theme characters after finishing the first sticker pack. (o´罒`o)

Using stickers in messaging is a youth culture , it can dress up when texting in LINE app, the stickers let chatting not only text mode now.♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

4 Cats From Sitara  

How about the review process?  


《4 Cats From Sitara》 Sale Region: ALL(No Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia)

2016/07/25 Status: Waiting For Review

2016/07/29 about 13:38 Status: In Review

2016/08/02 Status: Approved

2016/08/05 Status: On Sale!

Review process is about 3 work days(Exclude waiting,rejection,weekend status.)


 If you like the cats by Sitara, welcome to support the purchase!(灬ºωº灬)

4 Cats From Sitara  



I need income of ads to continue my creation in the material world.(Please do not deliberately click,3Q)

The stickers I have created actual sales usually in the seabed, so My article contents will be placed ads in Blog. Forgiveness please,thx.(*ˇωˇ*人)


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